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Planning a wedding is equal parts exciting and stressful, filled with a myriad of decisions, preparations, questions, and ensuring you remember not to sit your aunty and uncle together. 

One of the less common aspects of a wedding is planning dental health and appearance for the big day and beyond. Whether you have 24 months or 6 months, orthodontists offer plenty of options available to ensure you show the smile of your dreams on your special day.


4 Benefits of Braces Before Your Big Day

In recent months, we have seen an increase in the number of brides and grooms opting for orthodontic treatment before their wedding day, after all, your wedding is often one of the biggest days of your life and you want to be able to look back with confidence. 

  1.       Confidence Boost.

You possibly won’t ever have as many photos taken of you and your spouse as you will on your wedding day. With this in mind, you want your smile to exude the confidence and happiness you feel, and straighter, whiter teeth play a big part in this. If your teeth are crooked or misaligned then you may feel you can’t fully show this happiness, therefore, opting for braces before you get married can ensure you fully enjoy your day.

  1.       Short & Long-Term Improvements.

With discreet options such as Invisalign, you can start to see improvements to your smile within a short amount of time, so even if you only have a few months before your wedding it’s encouraging to know that improvements can be made in this time. If you have a long time before your big day then the changes you can see to your teeth could be phenomenal, improving not just your smile but your oral health well into the future.

  1.       Improved Oral Hygiene.

Straight teeth are a big factor in good oral health. Misaligned teeth can lead to various dental issues, including gum disease, tooth decay, and abnormal wear of tooth enamel so by getting braces, you’re not only investing in a better smile but also in the long-term health of your teeth and gums. Straight teeth are also easier to clean reducing the chance of food particles getting trapped, which can lead to plaque build-up and cavities. 

  1. Better Speech.

Misaligned teeth can sometimes affect speech and on your big day, you can expect to do a lot of talking, especially if you’re planning on doing speeches. Wearing braces can improve your overall oral function and contribute to ensuring you fully enjoy your day with improved confidence.


What to Consider Before Opting for Braces for Your Big Day

The amount of time you have until you’re big will play a part in what type of braces treatment you can opt for. If you only have a couple of months then removable braces like Invisalign would be a better option, as they can show improvements in a short amount of time, and you can take them out for your big day. It’s not recommended to wear Invisalign for less than 22 hours per day but for this one special occasion, you could make the exception.

If you have a longer time before your wedding day and have a more serious dental issue then fixed braces may be a better option, to ensure that you can fix your issues before your big day.

If you find that you have a more severe dental issue and don’t have enough time to complete a full treatment of fixed braces, you could opt for lingual braces that sit behind the teeth, or you can try ceramic braces, which are much more discreet by using clear or tooth colour brackets and wires.

It’s also possible to speak to your photographer and ask if they can edit your braces out of your wedding pictures.


Choose a Specialist Orthodontist in Chorley for Picture Perfect Smiles on Your Special Day

Finances are another aspect of planning for your wedding day. Weddings are an expensive business and orthodontic work on top of this can add up fast. Luckily here at Chorley Orthodontics, we have a variety of payment plans and discounts for full payments to help with this.

If you’re planning orthodontic treatment before your big day, come and book a free consultation with your specialist orthodontist in Chorley, and ensure that you can smile with confidence on your special day.


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