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Here at Chorley Orthodontics, our dedicated and passionate team will make it their mission to correct all manner of tooth position and bite discrepancies, to deliver a beautifully straight smile.
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What age can I get braces?

Receiving treatment from Chorley Orthodontics is affordable for the majority of people when using our monthly payment system, and subject to conditions we have flexible free payment options too. It is important to note that you will be treated under the same Consultant Orthodontist throughout the full course of your orthodontic treatment.

Braces for adults

Orthodontic treatment is growing in popularity and you too can enjoy the glowing benefits of a beautiful straight smile. One of the reasons why adults are now seeking orthodontic treatment is to correct crowded, crooked, missing teeth; simply to improve their smile. Although it has been noted that childhood is the ideal time to make changes in the positioning of the teeth, this is not limited and with the introduction of clear and virtually invisible braces lots more adults are completing treatment with excellent results.

Every adult patient we have is different. An orthodontic appliance is advised based on which best suits their lifestyle, and which will provide the best results. This means some adults are happy to just have a more traditional brace treatment and some would rather have a removable Invisalign® aligner for example. Please note that Invisalign® aligners need to be removed when you are eating and drinking or cleaning your teeth. This is also a popular orthodontic option for those who work in the public eye, or want something a bit more discreet. As an adult you will never have to worry about being seen when wearing braces thanks to Invisalign, Incognito lingual braces and ceramic brace treatment.

If you would like to know more about our orthodontic treatments such as hidden braces then check our treatment page or feel free to browse through our wide range of orthodontic blogs which cover and answer a large number of important orthodontic questions.

We offer a range of hidden braces that are virtually invisible:
Incognito – our bespoke and highly effective lingual braces are fitted behind your teeth.

Removable and clear Invisalign aligners.

Tooth-coloured ceramic braces-modern materials and techniques mean they are also faster and more aesthetically pleasing than traditional metal braces.

Braces for children

Getting orthodontic treatment early for a patient, can be a very effective decision because once you reach adulthood your bones have stopped growing so the process of any orthodontic treatment may take longer.

We can provide a huge difference to your child’s confidence and their oral health while of course providing the end result of a super straight smile. At Chorley Orthodontics, we provide a wide choice of modern treatment options for your children, with the dental health of your child being at the focus of any treatment plan.

The advantages of treatment at Chorley Orthodontics

  • Treatment with the same experienced consultant orthodontist
  • No waiting time for consultation or treatment start
  • A choice of modern appliances
  • Flexible interest free payment options available subject to conditions
  • Excellent value and high standard orthodontics, affordable for most people using our monthly payment system (see payments)

Here at Chorley Orthodontics our dedicated and passionate team will make it their mission to correct all manner of tooth position and bite discrepancies, to deliver a beautifully straight smile. Contact us today to discuss your options further.

All patients are provided with a full written report with payment choices before any treatment starts. You will always know what treatment will cost in total, before you start.