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It is entirely possible for someone to be happy with their teeth and still have a slight twist, tilt, or crookedness to their front teeth. This issue may bug you and you may not think it’s worth seeking treatment for something so minor but that’s where so many people fall short of gaining the smile of their dreams.

Advancements in orthodontic treatments have made it entirely possible to focus on straightening just the front teeth, providing a quicker and more targeted solution for those seeking cosmetic improvements.


Why are Just My Front Teeth Crooked?

Misaligned front teeth are extremely common and although not noticeable to many, to the person it affects, it can have a big impact on their confidence and feelings of self-consciousness about their smiles. Your front teeth may be crooked for several reasons, including:

  • Overcrowding.
  • A narrow roof of the mouth.
  • Early loss of baby teeth before the mouth and jaw have grown to accommodate adult teeth.
  • Poor swallowing reflexes and tongue thrust, causing the tongue to press against the same place on the front teeth, shifting them over time.

It is also possible for a single crooked tooth to lead to bacteria build up in the mouth, as the decreased surface area makes it harder to clean, which can also have an impact on the surrounding teeth. The crooked tooth or teeth can also be more prone to discolouration and if the misalignment makes this tooth take most of the force of a bite, it can make it more susceptible to becoming cracked.


Is it Possible to Undergo Treatment for Just My Front Teeth?

It is entirely possible to undergo treatment to straighten just your front teeth and depending on who your orthodontist is, will depend on the different options available. At our expert orthodontist in Chorley, we have 2 options available:

  • Ceramic braces – clear or tooth-coloured, fixed braces can provide a more targeted treatment to the front teeth.
  • Invisalign – an effective way to treat isolated issues relating to the front teeth.


Cost Implication of Straightening Just Your Front Teeth

Using braces treatment to straighten just the front teeth usually takes less time and is classed as purely cosmetic straightening. Due to the decrease in time needed to keep the braces attached and the number of adjustments needed, or the number of trays needed for Invisalign, it can make treatment much more cost-effective than longer-term treatment.


Is it Possible to Improve their Appearance without Braces?

Another option to consider, if you don’t want to go down the brace’s treatment route, is porcelain veneers, which are custom-made, thin shells placed over the front surface of the teeth. Veneers can effectively correct minor misalignments, providing an aesthetically pleasing result, and are proven to look very effective on the front teeth. However, it’s essential to note that veneers are a cosmetic solution and may not address underlying orthodontic issues.


Speak to your Specialist Orthodontist in Chorley Today

It’s hard to put into words the confidence feeling comfortable with your smile can bring and even if this is not something visible to others, it doesn’t make it any less valuable to you and your self-esteem. Speaking with our professional team of orthodontists in Chorley can help with your decision, as we can offer you the support, guidance, and knowledge you need to make the right decision for your oral health and your smile.

Contact your expert orthodontist in Chorley today to book your free consultation and see what options are available to you in getting the smile of your dreams.


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