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If you have reached that stage in your life where you want to take charge of your dental appearance and improve your oral health, or you may have been through facial trauma where dental work needs to be carried out to correct your bite and align your teeth. Whatever the reason, the decision is a big one and it can be disheartening to think that this decision can’t be carried through if you have a dental implant.

You wouldn’t be wrong in wondering how braces can work with an implant planted steadfastly into your gum, however, this is why your specialist orthodontist in Chorley thought it best to create this article to put your mind at ease and let you know, that there is a way.


What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant consists of a titanium post that is surgically placed into the jawbone, replacing, and acting as an artificial tooth root. A crown is then attached to the post, which looks and acts just like a natural tooth.

Missing teeth are extremely common and can happen for various reasons be it injury or disease, it is something we see here often. They are considered popular and effective long-term solutions in replacing missing teeth and are now being chosen above alternatives such as bridges. 

Once inserted, a dental implant does not move, however, the appearance of this implant can make the surrounding teeth move to adjust. Also, as we age our teeth tend to crowd toward the front of the mouth, making the need for braces more apparent.


Is it Possible to have Braces Fitted with a Dental Implant?

It is absolutely possible to have braces fitted if you have a dental implant, what is not possible is for the braces to move the implant. Once in place, your crown stays put, however, the surrounding teeth can be moved to their desired positions. Whether you already have a dental implant fitted or need one, there are a few options available.

Fitting Braces Before a Dental Implant

Many orthodontists will tell you this is the desired option, as it is much easier to get your surrounding teeth in the perfect position before your implant is inserted. If you have already lost your tooth, a temporary false tooth can be used where your implant will eventually go, so that your smile is perfectly aligned, and no gap is present. For some, this is the necessary option, as space may need to be created to fit the implant.

Fitting Braces After a Dental Implant

If your implant is in the right position, then this option can also work as the surrounding teeth can be moved into the desired position by the braces using fixed or clear aligners, and this is possible whether you have several or just one implant. There is also an option, if you are not happy with how your implant looks at the end of your brace’s treatment, to have the crown removed and replaced, or the entire implant.


Can Dental Implants Affect Orthodontic Treatments?

As with any dental procedure, there are always risks that need to be taken into consideration. One of the primary concerns is whether the dental implant will be compromised and if pressure from braces could negatively impact the implant or the surrounding tissues. It is also possible that the natural teeth may shift abnormally once the implant is inserted due to the jawbone trying to adapt, this could impact how long it takes for the teeth to straighten with braces treatment.


Discuss Your Options with a Specialist Orthodontist in Chorley.

If you have an implant and are considering braces, or if you have a missing tooth and are unsure what your next step should be, speak to an expert orthodontist in Chorley, like Chorley Orthodontists. We can provide a full examination of your dental health and recommend what we think would be the most suitable option for you.

At Chorley Orthodontics, we are well known in the orthodontic sector for our experience and knowledge and provide the very best quality orthodontic care, delivered in a comfortable and friendly environment. If you would like to talk to us about dental implants and braces treatment, your specialist orthodontist in Chorley can provide treatment whatever your needs and budget.

Contact Chorley Orthodontics today, expert orthodontist in Chorley no matter your situation, to see if we can help you.


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